Industrial Noise

Industrial noise covers noise from industry and from construction sites. This is often assessed through the Rating Level parameter, Lr, where the LAeq from the specific source is adjusted for tonal and impulsive content and compared to legislative limits dependent on time of day and usage of the property at which the levels are measured.

Prior to commissioning a new or expanded industrial plant, planning permission is required. This requires the prediction of future noise levels due to new or changed sources. Prior to commissioning, levels are controlled to ensure compliance. And, once in operation, rating levels can be controlled to ensure continued compliance or as the result of a complaint.

Where problems are identified, noise reduction measures must be taken. Here, advanced techniques such as sound intensity and noise prediction are useful.

Other highlights from the Brüel & Kjær product range include long-term noise monitoring with 3592 Outdoor Gear and analysis for objective assessment and limitation of the problem.


Industrial Noise

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