Acoustic Material Testing

Improving cabin acoustic comfort by providing optimal acoustic material performance against weight and volume is one of today’s challenges in the ground transportation and aerospace industries. Protection against noise in dwellings and at the workplace most often requires the appropriate selection of noise-reducing treatments.

Noise control materials can be tested in terms of their sound absorption and transmission properties in a plane wave tube to guarantee highly repeatable test conditions. This provides information of materials’ acoustic properties for validating and calibrating computational methods used to predict the acoustic performance of multi-layer systems.

PULSE Acoustic Material Testing in a Tube Type 7758

... is a software package for measuring the acoustical properties of noise control materials whether used to absorb airborne sound or to reduce airborne sound transmission. It works in conjunction with Impedance Tube Kits Type 4206 and Type 4206-A, Transmission Loss Tube Kit Type 4206-T and any other custom measurement tube.


  • To develop noise control products
  • To verify compliance with specifications
  • To benchmark competitive products
  • To help select the most adequate treatment
  • To provide input information to analytical and numerical tools (for example, FEM, BEM, SEA) for the prediction of sound field in acoustic cavities (for example, vehicle cabin noise, aircraft cabin noise)


  • Comprehensive solution for evaluating both sound absorption and sound transmission properties
  • Determination of normal incidence absorption coefficient and normal specific impedance based on ISO 10534-2 and ASTM E1050 and ASTM E2611 
  • Measurement data and results can be conveniently saved to familiar Microsoft® Excel workbooks for customized reporting and further post-processing
  • PULSE platform ensures exceptional measurement accuracy.

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