Noise Source Identification with acoustical array

PULSE owners can perform noise source identification using array acoustics. A complete 18-channel combination array with a 35 cm diameter, based on LAN-XI front ends in a C-frame is offered with Beamforming Application Type 8608.

The system provides a resolution of 0.7 x wavelength for the mid- to high-frequency range of 1000-6400Hz when the array is positioned at 25 cm from the surface of the source. For the low frequency range, the Acoustical Holography Application Type 8607 can be purchased as an option. If you need to make measurements of a vehicle run-up, the Transient Calculations BZ-5636 will be needed, together with an extra module for the tachometer signals.

Acoustic Array Suite
An overview of the Noise Source Identification applications and the principle options

The 18-channel array positioned to measure rattling noises on a go-cart that is being excited by vibration shakers The position of the sources and the sound power of user-defined areas are easily obtained using the array acoustics post-processing tool

The complete system: array, tripod, LAN-XI front-end and a PC LAN-XI C frame containing a 12 channel, and 6 channel module and a battery

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