PTA – Production Test Advisor

The PULSE Production Test System (PPTS) is a turnkey solution for noise and vibration quality control testing. The system is designed to interface with a production test stand for complete automation while performing the required analysis techniques to detect product noise and vibration faults. The system consists of the PULSE Multi-analyzer and the Production Test Advisor software.

The PULSE Multi-analyzer System (PULSE) is the measurement platform that performs the analysis techniques needed to quantify noise and vibration characteristics. The ability of PULSE to perform multiple analysis techniques simultaneously in real time allows the highest probability of defect detection with no cycle-time impact.

The Production Test Advisor (PTA) software evaluates the noise and vibration data to provide a pass/fail for the unit tested. This software provides a range of evaluation techniques, interfaces with the production line controller, stores the data in a database and much more.


  • Quality control testing for automated production lines
  • Automatic sorting of compliant and non-compliant units using noise and vibration analysis
  • Nonquality control applications such as durability and test stand monitoring
  • Continuous monitoring for trending and automated shut down if limits are exceeded
  • Customised noise and vibration measurement solutions


  • Pass/Fail evaluation with fault identification if the unit under test fails
  • Real-time analysis for no cycle-time increase
  • Multiple analysis techniques to detect multiple fault types
  • Fully automated via PLC or serial interface
  • User configurable via Windows® graphical user interface (no custom code)
  • All off-the-shelf components
  • Tools to calculate limits based on statistics of measured units
  • Scalable in number of channels and analysis capabilities


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