Psychoacoustic Test Bench Software

Psychoacoustic Test Bench Type 5301 is an advanced option to Sound Quality to assist in the tasks of:
  • design and set-up of jury tests
  • conducting jury tests
  • data collection and statistical processing
  • calculation of standard metrics on jury test samples
  • generation of combination metrics

Subjective Tests
For each subjective test session, a play list and jury answer form are automatically produced. Jury preferences can be collected on-line using a web-based answer form and automatically transferred to an Excel worksheet for statistical and regression analysis. The program provides a fully detailed report score sheet for each jury session and saves the answer forms, play-lists and Excel worksheets for later reference. Psychoacoustic Test Bench supports both Paired Comparison and Semantic Differential tests.

Objective Tests
The objective test tool calculates a set of metric values, for the sound samples used in the subjective test, from a set of user-selected metrics. The results are placed in an Excel worksheet for statistical and regression analysis. For binaural samples, left, right and mean values may be calculated.

Statistical Analysis
The statistical analysis function calculates the correlation between the objective and subjective tests. Regression analysis is used to determine and calculate the final combination metric. For validation, it also compares the predicted values from the combination metric to the actual results from the subjective listening tests.

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