Application Notes

Application Notes describe a general type of test or industry-related testing. They include a theoretical introduction to the application with emphasis on the benefits of a Brüel & Kjær solution for the application.

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  • PULSE Reflex Sine Processing
  • Measuring Speech Intelligibility Using DIRAC Type 7841
  • PULSE Indoor Pass-by and Exterior Noise Contribution Analysis System
  • Accurate Determination of Loudspeaker Parameters using Audio Analyzer Type 2012 and Laser Velocity Transducer Type 3544
  • Audio Distortion Measurements
  • WebTrak MyNeighbourhood Flyer
  • Ear Simulator for Telephonometry - Use of Wideband Ear Simulator Type 4195
  • Dynamic Calibration of Pressure Sensors using Type 9719
  • Vibration test applications
  • Verification of Symmetrical Pinnae for HATS Type 4128-C
  • LDS Application Booklet - International Edition
  • LDS Application Booklet - UK Edition
  • Analisi Envelope per la diagnosi di difetti sui cuscinetti
  • LDS Kurtosis Product Note
  • Measuring Speech Intelligibility Using DIRAC — Type 7841
  • Modal Analysis using Multi-reference and MIMO Techniques
  • Using NS-STSF to investigate Transient Phenomena in Automotive Applications
  • Envelope Analysis for Diagnostics of Local Faults in Rolling Element Bearings
  • Tone Assessment using the 2260 H Sound Level Analyzer
  • Operational Modal Analysis of a Wind Turbine Wing using Acoustical Excitation
  • Measurement of Aerodynamic Noise using STSF
  • How to Determine the Modal Parameters of Simple Structures
  • Dynamic Sound Testing of Earth-moving Machinery to ISO 6393-6
  • Order Tracking of a Coast-down of a Large Turbogenerator
  • To Deal with Electrical Noise and Interference in the Measuring Chain using NEXU
  • Using Modems with Sound Level Meters
  • Improving Telephone Handset Performance
  • Improved Method for Complex Modulus Estimation
  • Tyre Noise Measurement on a Moving Vehicle
  • Sound Power Determination with or without ISO 9614-1
  • Mounted Resonance Measurements using Type 2525
  • The Use of a Computer to Process 3550 Disk Data
  • Sound Power Determination according to ISO 374x
  • Exterior Noise Measurements on a Rover 220 GSi
  • Practical use of the "Hilbert transform"
  • Gated Tracking Applied on an Automobile Engine Using Multichannel Analysis...
  • Calibration at Toyota Motor Corp. using Vibration Transducer Calib. System 9610
  • A Hand-held Exciter for Field Mobility Measurements
  • Sound Power Determination according to ISO 9614-2
  • An Overview of Standards for Sound Power Determination
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