Case Studies

Case studies describe how Brüel & Kjær products are used in real-life, based on one or more customers’ experiences.

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  • Case Study: An effective partner in running a comprehensive noise abatement program - Newcastle Airport
  • Operational modal analysis on wind turbine blades
  • City of Austin Successfully Manages Noise
  • Lockheed Martin's F-35 ramp noise and durability tests
  • Case Study - Intermittent Urban Noise Disturbance Resolved in Seattle - Noise Sentinel
  • Case Study - A proactive approach to noise monitoring maintains good relations - Noise Sentinel
  • Bobcat reduces operator vibrations with whole-vehicle analysis
  • Monitorización y vigilancia acústica nocturna de obras con Noise Sentinel – On Demand
  • Hepworth DEFRA Case Study - Predictor-LimA
  • Eurocontrol SA Monitoring Night Time Construction Noise
  • Satellite qualification testing at INPE
  • Case Study Port Metro Vancouver
  • Maximizing productivity for Gorenje with rapid noise mapping
  • Designing Ferrari's sound with NVH simulation
  • Underwater Acoustic Noise Measurement of Vessels
  • Defence - DCNS - Streamlining data handling
  • Underwater ship noise - JRC Tokkai - Sound intensity
  • DLR refines aircraft cabins by analysing noise paths
  • Safeguarding neighbours from construction noise - London Borough of Richmond
  • Short-term noise monitoring with DELTA Acoustics
  • Suzuki Wind Tunnel used for Full-vehicle Noise Source Identification
  • Tomingley Gold Operations_Managing community noise impact
  • Airbus Helicopters: Monitoring gearboxes with HUMS accelerometers
  • V9x Shaker System at TÛV SÛD Test House
  • The Crossrail Project, London - C501 Moorgate Shaft
  • Noise management for inner-city construction - Panum Institute
  • R&D on wind turbines for standards in Taiwan - TERTEC
  • Fine-tuning acoustic isolation in buildings - ACCIONA Infrastructure
  • Vibration testing of automotive components: CU ICAR
  • Hearing loss in call centres - Kinki University Japan
  • Japan's largest wind turbine gearbox manufacturer: Ishibashi (Japanese)
  • RAL Space - Ensuring satellite reliability with vibration testing
  • Japan's largest wind turbine gearbox manufacturer: Ishibashi
  • Safeguarding the reliability of helicopters
  • Continental tests PULSE Reflex
  • Nippon Expressway Research Institute Company Limited (Japanese)
  • Thailand's Electrical and Electronics Institute: EEI
  • Robot-controlled acoustic holography for hearing aid development
  • Commercial Vehicle Group uses a Desktop NVH Simulator
  • Noise Sentinel: Global Renewables Case Study
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