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  • Conference Paper: Comparative study of OMA applied to experimental and simulated data from an operating Vestas V27 wind turbine
  • Conference Paper: Experimental characterization of an operating Vestas V27 wind turbine using harmonic power spectra and OMA SSI
  • Case Study: Safeguarding neighbours from construction noise - London Borough of Richmond
  • Case Study: Short-term noise monitoring with DELTA Acoustics
  • Brochure / Mailer: Photon and PULSE Reflex campaign 2015
  • Brochure / Mailer: Add-on campaign - Upgrade your PULSE Reflex capabilities 2015
  • Catalogue: Analyzer Catalogue (76 pages)
  • Conference Paper: Noise sentinel – a proactive approach to noise management in mining operations at BHP Billiton Worsley Alumina Pty Ltd
  • Conference Paper: Non-stationary Holography on Arbitrary Source Shapes
  • Brochure / Mailer: Noise Sentinel Mining - Smarter mine environment management
  • Conference Paper: New techniques to determine specific noise for increasing the effectiveness of continuous unattended noise monitoring systems
  • Technical Review: Technical Review No. 1 2014: Experimental CHaracterization of Operating Bladed Rotor Using HPS and SSI Techniques
  • Conference Paper: Environmental Sound Classification in Realistic Situations
  • Catalogue: Catalogue: Global courses 2015
  • Case Study: Suzuki Wind Tunnel used for Full-vehicle Noise Source Identification
  • Case Study: Tomingley Gold Operations_Managing community noise impact
  • Brochure / Mailer: Noise impact of oil and gas industry_Noise Sentinel
  • Conference Paper: Estimating Contributions of Vehicle Pass-by Noise Sources
  • Conference Paper: Evaluation of SPC and BSS for indoor pass-by noise contribution analysis
  • Brochure / Mailer: Noise Impact of Mines_Noise Sentinel
  • Brochure / Mailer: Noise impact of ports_Noise Sentinel
  • Brochure / Mailer: Predictor-LimA Brochure
  • Conference Paper: Shale gas drilling
  • Brochure / Mailer: Lärmmanagement einfach und sorglos
  • Brochure / Mailer: Noise Sentinel - On Demand (German)
  • Catalogue: Products and solutions overview (32 pages)
  • Conference Paper: Effect of a damage to modal parameters of a wind turbine blade
  • Primers: Handbook: Frequency Analysis
  • Conference Paper: Designing the sound experience with NVH simulation
  • Brochure / Mailer: PULSE NVH Vehicle Simulator - DTS
  • Case Study: Airbus Helicopters: Monitoring gearboxes with HUMS accelerometers
  • Catalogue: Sound level meter & accessories (32 pages)
  • Catalogue: Vibration test systems EU (16 pages)
  • Conference Paper: Using the unified matrix polynomial approach (UMPA) for the development of the stochastic subspace identification (SSI) algorithm
  • Conference Paper: Least action criteria for blind separation of structural modes
  • Conference Paper: A “Local Solve” Method for Extracting Modal Parameters from Inconsistent Data
  • Conference Paper: A Non-Hermitian Joint Diagonalization based Blind Source Separation algorithm for Operational Modal Analysis
  • Conference Paper: Quantifying uncertainty in modal parameters estimated using higher order time domain algorithms
  • Conference Paper: A method for recognition of coexisting environmental sound sources based on the Fisher’s linear discriminant classifier
  • Case Study: Underwater ship noise - JRC Tokkai - Sound intensity
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