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  • Catalogue: Chinese Analyzer Catalogue
  • Case Study: Case study: Helping Microsoft to perfect sound quality
  • Brochure / Mailer: Airport Industries Solutions Brochure
  • Conference Paper: Measuring vibration characteristics in seating
  • Conference Paper: Fast wideband acoustical holography
  • Brochure / Mailer: Noise Logger Type 3659 Flyer
  • Conference Paper: Rotor anisotropy as a blade damage indicator for wind turbine structural health monitoring systems
  • Brochure / Mailer: Noise Sentinel for Hospitals Flyer
  • Brochure / Mailer: Noise Sentinel Overview
  • Case Study: Case Study: Mumbai Airport NoiseDesk - Monitoring and managing noise to reduce impact
  • Brochure / Mailer: NoiseOffice Services Flyer
  • Conference Paper: A Shift in the Noise & Vibration Market: The Demand for Cost-Effective Standardized Testing
  • Conference Paper: Investigation of a High Frequency Sound Quality Concern in a Refrigerator and Resulting Compressor Design Study
  • Conference Paper: Automotive tire/road sound quality
  • Conference Paper: Vehicle Pass-by Noise Estimations for Component-Level Design
  • Conference Paper: Noise and Sound Quality Optimization of Agricultural Machine Cab
  • Case Study: Underwater ship noise characterization with sound intensity
  • Case Study: Continuous noise monitoring helps Crossrail get Moorgate Shaft across the line
  • Case Study: Inner-city construction noise management - Panum Institute
  • Brochure / Mailer: Work Smarter with Online Calibration Data
  • Case Study: Cutting the commute for New Holland's harvesters
  • Conference Paper: Comparison of binaural microphones for externalization of sounds
  • Catalogue: Analyzer Catalogue (76 pages)
  • Conference Paper: Subspace Algorithms in Modal Parameter Estimation for Operational Modal Analysis: Perspectives and Practices
  • Conference Paper: Blind Source Separation Applied to Indoor Vehicle Pass-By Measurements
  • Conference Paper: A blind source separation based approach for modal parameter estimation in traditional input-output experimental modal analysis framework
  • Conference Paper: Parameter Estimation algorithms in Operational Modal Analysis: A Review
  • Conference Paper: A Modal Appropriation based method for Operational Modal Analysis
  • Conference Paper: Improving the efficiency of deconvolution algorithms for sound source localization
  • Conference Paper: Damage assessment for wind turbine blades based on a multivariate statistical approach
  • Conference Paper: Vibration-based SHM System: Application to Wind Turbine Blades
  • Conference Paper: Damage localization in a residential-sized wind turbine blade by use of the SDDLV method
  • Conference Paper: Statistical evaluation of characteristic SDDLV-induced stress resultants to discriminate between undamaged and damaged elements
  • Conference Paper: Smart Setup and Accelerometer Mounting Check for Vibration Measurements
  • Conference Paper: Experimental dynamic characterization of operating wind turbines with anisotropic rotor
  • Case Study: AgustaWestland safeguards helicopter reliability with HUMS
  • Case Study: Investigating hearing loss at call centres: Kinki University
  • Case Study: DCTA tests modified helicopters with in-flight structural analysis
  • Case Study: Mapping noise of military vehicles for the Norwegian defence research establishment
  • Brochure / Mailer: Automated Complaints Line Add-on for ANOMS
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