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Each issue of  Technical Review  contains a collection of  technical, scientific articles including theory, measurement techniques, and instrumentation for acousticians and vibration engineers.


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  • Technical Review No. 1 2014: Experimental CHaracterization of Operating Bladed Rotor Using HPS and SSI Techniques
  • Technical Review No. 1 2013: Noise test of revised notched nozzle using a jet engine
  • Technical Review No. 1 2012: High-resolution Fly-over Beamforming
  • Technical Review No. 1 2011: Dual-layer Microphone Array, Acoustic Intensity Probe Calibrator, Multi-field Microphone
  • Technical Review No. 1 2010: Time Selective Response Method, In situ Measurement of Absorption Coefficient, Transverse Motion in Accelerometer Calibration
  • Technical Review No. 1 2009: Use of Volume Velocity Sound Source in FRF Measurements, Turnkey Free-field Reciprocity System
  • Technical Review No. 1 2008: Primary Calibration using Laser Interferometry, Infrasound Calibration of Microphones, High-temperature IEPE Accelerometer
  • Technical Review No. 1 2007: Measurement of Normal Incidence Transmission Loss and Other Acoustical Properties of Materials Placed in a Standing Wave Tube
  • Technical Review No. 1 2006: Dyn-X Technology Order Tracking; Comparison of IBEM, PNAH, and LDV Methods
  • Technical Review No. 1 2005: Surface Microphone; NAH and Beamforming using the same Array; SONAH
  • Technical Review No. 1 2004: Beamforming
  • Technical Review No. 1 2002: New Design Principle for Triaxial PZ Accelerometers, FE models for Optimizing Accelerometer Designs, High Pressure Microphone Calibration System
  • Technical Review No. 1 2001: Properties and Calibration of Laboratory Standard Microphones; Uncertainties in Microphone Frequency Responses
  • Technical Review No. 1 2000: Non-stationary STSF
  • Technical Review No. 1 1999: Characteristics of the Vold-Kalman Order Tracking Filter
  • Technical Review No. 1 1998: Danish Primary Laboratory of Acoustics, Microphone Reciprocity Calibration, Calculation Program for Reciprocity, Calibration
  • Technical Review No. 1 1997: A New Design Principle for Triaxial Piezoelectric Accelerometers; A Simple QC Test for Knock Sensors; Torsional Operational Deflection Shapes (TODS) Measurements
  • Technical Review No. 2 1996: Non-stationary Signal Analysis using Wavelet Transform, short-time Fourier Transform and Wigner-V ille Distribution
  • Technical Review 1996-2 Non-stationary Signal Analysis using Wavelet Transform, Short-time Fourier Transform and Wigner-Ville Distribution
  • Technical Review No. 1 1996: A Sound Intensity Probe for Measuring from 50 Hz To 10 kHz; Measurement of Microphone Free-field Corrections and Determination of their Uncertainties; Reduction of Non-linear Distortion in Condenser Microphones by Using Negative Load Capacitance; In Situ Verification of Accelerometer Function And Mounting
  • Technical Review No. 2 1995: Order Tracking Analysis
  • Technical Review No. 1 1995: Spatial Transformation of Sound Fields (STSF) in the Automotive Industry; Pass-by Noise Measurements
  • Technical Review No. 2 1994: The use of Impulse Response Function for Modal Parameter Estimation; Complex Modulus and Damping Measurements using Resonant and Non-resonant Methods (Damping Part II)
  • Technical Review No. 1 1994: Digital Filter Techniques vs FFT Techniques for Damping Measurements (Damping Part I)
  • Technical Review 1990-2 Optical Filters and their Use with the Type 1302 & Type 1306 Photoacoustic Gas Monitors
  • Technical Review 1990-1 The Brüel & Kjaer Photoacoustic Transducer System and its Physical Properties
  • Technical Review 1989-2 STSF - Practical instrumentation and applications; Digital Filter Analysis: Real-time and Non Real-time Performance
  • Technical Review 1989-1 STSF - a unique technique for scan-based Near-field Acoustic Holography without restrictions on coherence
  • Technical Review No. 4 1987: Use of Weighting Fuctions in DFT/FFT Analysis (Part II); Acoustic Calibrator for Intensity Measurements Systems
  • Technical Review No. 3 1987: Use of Weighting Fuctions in DFT/FFT Analysis (Part I); Signals and Units
  • Technical Review 1987-2 Recent Developments in Accelerometer Design; Trends in Accelerometer Calibration
  • Technical Review 1987-1 Vibration Monitoring of Machines
  • Technical Review 1985-4 Validity of Intensity Measurements in Partially Diffuse Sound Field; Influence of Tripods and Microphone Clips on the Frequency Response of Microphones
  • Technical Review 1985-3 The Modulation Transfer Function in Room Acoustics; RASTI: A tool for evaluating auditoria
  • Technical Review No. 2 1985: Heat stress, Thermal anemometer probe
  • Technical Review 1984-4 Methods for the Calculation of Contrast; Proper Use of Weighting Functions for Impact Testing; Computer Data Acquisition from B&K Digital Frequency Analyzers 2131/2134 using their Memory as a Buffer
  • Technical Review No. 3 1984: The Hilbert Transform; Microphone System for Extremely Low Sound Levels; Improved RMS Averaging with true exponential Response using the B&K Level Recorder Type 2311
  • Technical Review No. 2 1984: Dual Channel FFT Analysis (Part II)
  • Technical Review No. 1 1984: Dual Channel FFT Analysis (Part I)
  • Technical Review 1983-1 System Analysis and Time Delay Spectrometry; Addendum to Sound Intensity (Part II. Instrumentation & Applications)
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