The Application Research Center, Detroit

Engineering services in the US benefit from our dedicated research and testing centre, which typically assists customers with applications in community comfort and building acoustics, and in the automotive, aerospace, and defence industries.

Engineering services

Here, we assist companies with product development such as troubleshooting to understand noise and vibration issues and engineer solutions for them. We can develop a complete methodology: from benchmarking competitor products, to developing and simulating realistic targets, to integrating test data with computer-aided engineering (CAE) and finite element (FE) models. You can read more about our engineering services here.

Before Brüel & Kjær acquired them, the consultancy Sound Answers shared the Application Research Center (ARC) with Brüel & Kjær. Now we are all one team delivering comprehensive engineering services from a state-of-the-art facility.

Engineering facilities

The ARC includes product development labs, engineering simulation facilities, and extensive testing hardware. Two reverberant rooms, a hemi-anechoic room, and a fully anechoic chamber can be configured with removable wall and ceiling panels to comprise a full sound transmission loss (STL) test suite.

ARC Overview

For a full overview of the ARC-Building click on image (PDF)

The hemi-anechoic room and one of the reverberant rooms are large enough to accommodate a full-sized SUV vehicle, while brake dynamometers, vehicle lifts, NVH simulators, and a 4WD chassis dynamometer in an anechoic chamber complete the vehicle-specific test facilities.

The facility also houses a large hemi-anechoic room for structural testing of anything from the smallest component to full-sized vehicles. A vehicle-sized, T-slot test bed is anchored to 200000 pounds of concrete sitting on isolators.

Ask us more for more

There are many types of projects in which our ARC team has great expertise. Please contact us so we can share our experiences. Contact your local Brüel & Kjær representative or Brüel & Kjær North America Sound and Vibration Engineering Services directly at +1 678 250 7674 or

We help our customers measure and manage the quality of sound and vibration in their products and in the environment

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