Noise Mapping and Prediction

Noise Mapping & prediction is an essential tool to aid the assessment of noise levels over a wide area and to predict the changes in the noise environment due to changes in use. Noise Prediction is used widely throughout the planning stages of developments from large industrial premises, establishment of wind farms or from small changes to existing structures such as the addition of air conditioning fans or road widening schemes. Prediction enables you to assess and communicate changes to the noise impact and forms a key part of an Environmental Impact study.

Noise Mapping uses similar modelling techniques to assess current noise levels over a wide area which cannot be achieved cost effectively with individual Noise Monitoring Terminals. In 2002 Europe established the European noise mapping directive 2002/49/EC. This requires the creation of noise maps, followed by noise action plans for all agglomerations, major roads, railways and airports by 30 June 2012. Mapping needs to be repeated every 5 years. Outside of the Europe there are similar programmes in other countries

Our noise mapping & prediction tools provide both usability as well as comprehensive modelling for a wide range of applications and national standards.

Creating Noise Maps

Creating a noise map can be quite simple, but creating an accurate one that will be useful in communicating issues and defining future policy can be much more involved. Noise mapping requires the systematic build up of individual noise source activity and levels which are fed into a calculation...

Presenting noise maps

Simply creating a noise map is only part of the story. Noise maps are used to communicate the noise situation to stakeholders, inform areas of planning such as construction, traffic & transport and to build a common understanding within the community. Effective communication is...

Modeling sound power for individual sources

Acoustic Determinator is a very convenient tool for acoustic engineers who want to find out the sound power level of industrial sources by measuring sound pressure levels in the field.

We help our customers measure and manage the quality of sound and vibration in their products and in the environment

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