Space launches are fraught with difficulties as intricate systems costing billions of dollars must be sure to survive and continue performing to specifications. Consequently, the space industry has the most demanding test requirements with thorough, mandatory testing of systems and sub-systems during all design phases and before launch.

Our solutions

We understand that equipping or upgrading a space test facility is a major project, and are set up to deliver everything that our customers require as a dedicated project. Brüel & Kjær has an excellent track record of success in supporting our key space customers over several decades.

Our portfolio of LDS electrodynamic shakers, vibration slip tables, fixtures, amplifiers, vibration controllers, high-shock/vibration transducers, high-speed data acquisition systems and sophisticated analysis tools support every step in the vibration test process.

  • Satellite qualification and acceptance
  • Verification of structural model performance  
  • Launch stress and acoustic testing 
  • Support staff and field service engineers
  • Physical durability testing
  • Environmental stress testing 
  • Transport damage testing

  • Customers

    • Astrium Space Transportation
    • DCTA   
    • IABG
    • INPE
    • Intespace
    • ISRO
    • JAXA
    • Khrunichev Research and Production Space Center
    • Lockheed Martin 
    • NASA
    • NAL India
    • RAL Space
    • SAC India
    • SpaceX
    • Thales Alenia Space



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