Entertainment Systems

Loudspeakers and entertainment systems can be found just about everywhere now: phones, cars, TVs, headphones, computers, toys, public announcement systems, cinemas – the list can go on. Sound quality measurements help to ensure that customer preferences are always met and provide a way to differentiate the product. However, sound quality is not the only parameter a manufacturer may want or need to evaluate:

  • Sound level – Does the output fall at or under the maximum allowed sound pressure level (especially relevant for headphones)?
  • Target setting – Are response, distortion, impedance, sensitivity, directivity, and other values where they need to be?
  • Acoustic material – How does lighter, more durable and less expensive materials affect the sound?
  • Structure – How does a change in cabinet or component design affect the vibrational and acoustic properties of a speaker?
  • Durability – Can components and finished units withstand typical conditions under use?
  • Production – Can a manufacturer rely on pass/fail results and receive a quality product?

At Brüel & Kjær, years of providing customer-oriented test solutions that help audio equipment manufacturers answer all of these questions, have culminated in a range of dedicated systems and flexible solutions. The audio test lab need look no further for reliable evaluation, analysis and documentation of all its acoustic, vibration and environmental parameters.

Meeting Performance Specifications and Requirements

For the Audio market, there is a strong focus on new product development, market trends, R&D innovation, and legislation. The number of tests involved in the verification of performance specifications and requirements can be overwhelming and that is why standardisation, automation, data correlation and ease of use are hot topics in R&D testing. Brüel & Kjær’s electroacoustic platform provides high-quality, multi-application test and analysis solutions to help the engineer meet his targets efficiently.

Objective and Subjective Evaluation of Output

The sound quality of audio equipment is of ever-increasing importance when assessing the total quality of a product. Objective output measurements are essential in ensuring that a product can be sold in specific areas and markets but are not enough for analysing product sound. Customer expectations and jury testing are equally important for determining acceptable sound. We offer the best of both worlds – providing high-quality and versatile tools and analysis software to conduct both objective and subjective measurements.

Production Testing

Company reputations are built on quality and reliability. Quick response to customer demands is also a significant differentiator, especially for audio devices. Therefore, production and production line testing must safeguard company reputation and keep up with market demands. Brüel & Kjær provides the world’s best microphones, preamplifiers and systems for quick and precise audio testing on line.

Testing Environmental Durability

A manufacturer should be able to evaluate how well its products hold up under typical environmental conditions including falls, shocks, rattling, impacts during transportation and a variety of meteorological conditions. By running environmental tests, a manufacturer can check for failures and optimise the design and materials of products, components and packaging. Our range of vibration and environmental testing solutions are suitable for testing of the smallest component to the largest entertainment and speaker assembly.
We help our customers measure and manage the quality of sound and vibration in their products and in the environment

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