Wind turbine field testing tools

Noise plays an increasingly important role in wind energy, so understanding noise reduction is a critical factor during research, development and operation. Accurate tools are necessary to locate and evaluate the noise from every aspect of turbine design - from blades to nacelle insulation.

Brüel & Kjær’s suite of field testing systems covers virtually any situation, from hand-held analyzers to cutting-edge microphone arrays and from single-channel sound measurements to complex beamforming methods. Whether you need to test a prototype, evaluate existing installations, or troubleshoot a turbine gearbox, Brüel & Kjær’s sound measurement solutions can give you all of the data you need.

Easy-to-use, portable measurement tool - Sound Level Meter Type 2250/2270
A complete toolbox for field testing. Measure, analyse and record results in the palm of your hand with our award-winning hand-held analyzer.

Foldable acoustical array
Optimise design with highly accurate localisation and identification of noise sources. This battery-powered unit is portable and rugged, and allows setup times of less than ten minutes. Features extraneous noise suppression and supports the beamforming method.
> Acoustical applications for wind turbines 

Field data recording - LAN-XI Notar

Quick setup and no level setting thanks to a full 160 dB range from our unique Dyn-X technology. Hours of battery time and rugged construction with solid state memory.


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