Wind turbine gearbox testing

Repairing or replacing a wind turbine gearbox is a costly exercise compounded by an expensive loss of energy output. Failure, warranty issues and servicing can be minimised by thoroughly analysing the sound and vibration of each gearbox.

Brüel & Kjær’s configurable gearbox test system consists of acoustic or vibration transducers, a data acquisition front-end, and analysis software. A variety of analyses can be applied during research, development and production, including FFT & CPB Analysis, Order Analysis, Noise Source Identification, Operating Deflection Shapes and Operational Modal Analysis, to isolate inefficient or flawed parts, and analyse design effectiveness.

This rugged and portable solution can also be used under operational conditions. With Brüel & Kjær’s gearbox test system at hand, you can ensure quick and precise fault diagnosis in the field as issues arise.

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