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We are very pleased to announce that the people behind the organisation previously known as NoViSim, Roger Williams, Mark Allman–Ward, Thorsten Heinz and Andreas Brückmann have joined Brüel & Kjær as of August 1st, 2012.

Brüel & Kjær has been the exclusive sales channel for the NVH simulators from NoViSim since 2005, later adding SoNoScout and SPC Time Insight to the portfolio. The NoViSim team have worked closely with the Brüel & Kjær Automotive Team to develop the products, which have received a very positive reception from customers. A significant number of automotive OEMs have understood the unique benefits that the NVH simulator product portfolio offers, and have purchased licences for their vehicle development programmes, often for multiple seats.

The NVH Simulator has been under continuous development for more than ten years in close collaboration with vehicle manufacturers and suppliers, to ensure that it fits the automotive market's need for faster, lower-risk development by assisting better decisions on specs (targets) early in the concept stage, efficient engineering during development, and final sign-off with high confidence of success. The result is a suite of solutions unmatched by the competition.

This suite of solutions provides real improvements in both the speed and the quality of the NVH decisions taken. The NVH Simulator is available as four solution families:

The Desktop Simulator
Intended for use as an evaluation and development tool, the Desktop Simulator provides in-context evaluation of sound contributions from the total vehicle down to individual components. The contributions can be switched or modified in real-time while driving in a realistic situation with pedals and a steering wheel.

desktop nvh simulator with big screen

The Full-Vehicle Simulator
Contains the desktop simulator in a donor vehicle and allows the addition of driver-sensitivity point vibration control for an increased immersive experience.

full-vehicle NVH simulator

The On-Road Simulator
Uses a vehicle bus system to provide real-time sound simulation of any vehicle while driving on the road using sound cancellation techniques.

On-road NVH simulator

The Exterior Sound Simulator
Allows the assessment of traffic noise as a pedestrian in urban environments. This is of particular interest in the development of electric and hybrid-electric vehicles where the noise profile is often too quiet to give warning of approach and can represent a hazard, especially to sight-impaired people.

exterior noise simulator

The team will continue to develop and enhance these products and will work alongside other development teams at Brüel & Kjær on new product programmes and closer integration with the PULSE Reflex environment.

Roger Williams Mark Allman-Ward Thorsten Heinz Andreas Bruckmann
Roger Williams Mark Allman–Ward  Thorsten Heinz Andreas Brückmann

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