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Sonic Booms – Environmentally Friendly?
Aircraft manufacturers are revisiting overland supersonic flight. But just how can supersonic aircraft be made environmentally friendly?
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Let the Computer do the Work
One day’s testing in the field or lab can easily generate several days of analysis, processing and reporting in the office.  The automation offered by PULSE Reflex software takes care of the routine tasks, giving engineers more time to be ingenious.
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Robots Reduce Test Setup by 90%
At Konica Minolta’s acoustic test laboratory setting up for a sound-power test used to take 45 minutes but, with the introduction of a Brüel & Kjær robot, it now takes less than five.
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SoNoScout Rides the Trams
Trams are becoming a popular solution for public transport. But to fit into today's soundscapes they need to be quieter than yesteryear.
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Free-field Calibration in China
Until now only a few metrology institutes have succeeded in making primary free-field reciprocity microphone calibration a routine task, and even fewer have established a calibration service. This has now changed with the delivery of the first commercial system to China.
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ESTECH Marks Twentieth Year with New Acoustic Testing Site
Japanese engineering consultant, ESTECH Corporation, celebrates twenty years in business by expanding its premises with a brand new testing facility site
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