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Chevy Volt Battery Durability Testing
Using vibration simulation technology helps Chevrolet evaluate electric vehicle batteries
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Michelin Challenge Bibendum 2010
Pass-by Noise used to Rank Energy-efficient Vehicles
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Brüel & Kjær Accelerometers - 65 Years of Excellence
In 1943, four years ahead of other commercial enterprises, Brüel & Kjær designed its first piezoelectric accelerometers made from Rochelle salt crystals. Two-thirds of a century later, we are still very proud of our accelerometer heritage.
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Vibration Testing of Fuel Probes
Fuel probes used for in-flight refuelling are cantilever beams and require special consideration for vibration testing.
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PULSE Anno 2010
As PULSE approaches its 15th anniversary, we look at some of its latest benefits.
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Calibrated Aerial Photos Ease Noise Mapping
Calculated noise maps produce sound information held in vector format (magnitude and direction). Physical maps, especially those from Google Earth, are scalar. Georeferencing is the process of combining the two maps types and is useful for creating small environmental noise calculation models.
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