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Building environmental capacity – The modern approach to mining
Annoyance issues surrounding the mining industry can now benefit from years of smart environmental noise monitoring at airports, which brings a whole new way of looking at the problem.
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IMAC XXIX report
Jacksonville, Florida, once again played host to IMAC – or to give it its full name, the International Modal Analysis Conference – the annual conference and exposition on structural dynamics.
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Ferrari S.p.A. – Scuderia Ferrari
Scuderia Ferrari recently invested in a PULSE LAN-XI data acquisition system that is mainly used for engine test bench balancing, a major issue when Ferrari’s Formula One engines run at up to 20 000RPM.

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Response equalisation - REq-X
REq-X – a unique feature of Brüel & Kjær's PULSE system – can significantly improve and widen the performance of transducers. Here we take a look at exactly how the technology works.
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The end of the line for Type 2260 Investigator
February 2011 saw a sad spectacle as the last distinctively-shaped Type 2260 Investigator™ sound level meter left the Brüel & Kjær production line. Here's its unique story, from inception to retirement.
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