Sound and vibration news and information / 2011 - 2

GE Healthcare Systems
GE’s industry-leading products allow clinicians to see inside the human body more clearly. Brüel & Kjær’s applications assist in R&D, product lifecycle testing, durability, reliability and fatigue testing.
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Next-generation vibration test control
The rationale behind the development of Brüel & Kjær’s VC-LAN Vibration Controllers, which set out to bring the benefits of advanced connectivity to vibration testing. 
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The Renault Group
Renault needed to enhance its existing system and reduce time spent in their test cell by easing their setup, processing and measurement validation before making batch calculations.
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West Toronto Diamond project - Construction noise and vibration
The West Toronto Diamond project is a large railway infrastructure construction project located in a community that became subject to costly operational restrictions after noise complaints.
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The answer is blowing in the wind
Wind power is a youthful and growing industry, but growing in parallel is the level of protest from neighbours affected by noise issues - from surprisingly specific situations.
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