Noise mapping and prediction

Brüel & Kjær has vast experience in the area of acoustic measurement, calculation and reporting, providing noise calculation, mapping and prediction tools.

Our noise calculation software enables:

  • Levels to be assessed even when contaminated by high background noise, for instance an industrial plant in the vicinity of a busy road
  • Prediction of future levels
  • Comparison of alternative noise reduction scenarios
  • Production of noise contour maps even when access to the measurement position is limited


Noise Mapping, Prediction, Modeling and Calculation Software - Predictor-LimA Type 7810

A comprehensive software bundle for environmental noise projects that integrates the intuitive Predictor™ and the flexible LimA™ software into one powerful, state-of-the-art package - providing an efficient solution for any project.   Read more

Predictor Analyst Type 7813

Software for organisation, accumulation, viewing, analysis and publication of noise maps, featuring advanced functionality similar to a Geographic Information System (GIS). It also calculates population noise exposure and analyses other environmental parameters such as odour and air quality.   Read more

Acoustic Determinator Type 7816

A tool for finding the sound power level of industrial sources by measuring sound pressure levels in the field. It guides the user through the determination of sound power levels of various sources in accordance with leading national and international standards, such as ISO 8297 and ISO 3744.   Read more
We help our customers measure and manage the quality of sound and vibration in their products and in the environment

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