Environmental noise monitoring and management

Manage sound, vibration, dust and air quality around urban and industrial sites

Monitor and manage your environmental noise, vibration, dust and air quality with Noise Sentinel and Noise Sentinel – On Demand. These web-based subscription services enable you easily report environmental compliance and engage with regulators and the community. Benefits include:

  • Environmental Noise Monitoring – Collect and process data to accurately monitor and assess your environmental impact 24 hours a day to operate at maximum capacity and demonstrate restrictions compliance.
  • Environmental Noise Management – If you exceed defined limits, the solutions go beyond monitoring by issuing real-time alerts that enable you to immediately act and mitigate impact.
  • Environmental Noise Prediction – The noise monitoring system’s Predictor-LimA software allows you to plan for optimal business activity by calculating a noise map that predicts the likelihood of a noise-limit breach.
  • Environmental Noise Compliance and Community Relations – To gain trust, demonstrate transparency and build relationships, a community Web display provides a variety of information including real-time environmental impact reports and noise-inquiry procedures.

Noise Sentinel is designed as a long-term environmental noise monitoring solution for urban and industrial areas. For shorter-term projects, Noise Sentinel – On Demand and Measurement Partner Suite can provide the flexibility you require.

Please view our Noise Sentinel vs. Noise Sentinel – On Demand Comparison Chart to determine which solution is right for you.

Alternatively, for more information email noisesentinel@bksv.com.

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