LAN-XI data acquisition hardware

Data acquisiton hardware LAN-XI video 

LAN-XI is a versatile system of modular units that can be combined in frames as seen here. Every module can be used individually as a smaller system front-end, or become part of a distributed-module setup. LAN-XI is fully compatible with the older IDA-e hardware, and works with both PULSE and Test for I-deas software platforms. 


Typical systems



  • One platform is all you need

    The simplest setups and the most complex systems are all available with LAN-XI, which is based on independent front-end modules. These work independently or combined with others, so you can easily add more modules to expand your system, or remove them as necessary.

    Data acquisition hardware LAN-XI

    Hundreds of systems in one

    It is so easy to reconfigure and share hardware that modules can be quickly deployed in differently sized systems. One 30-channel system can be locked into a single frame, but then rapidly become separate, 6-channel systems – allowing large systems to be shared across departments.

  • Data acquisition hardware LAN-XI under tire

    Confidently take it anywhere

    Small and tough, LAN-XI modules can withstand being dropped, shaken and subjected to demanding environmental conditions – which we thoroughly test for with accelerated lifetime testing. 

    The swappable front panels are easy to replace should connectors become damaged.
  • Data acquisition hardware LAN-XI - one cable operation

    Forget cable confusion

    The only cable you need is the network cable - a standard LAN cable that is used for both power and data transfer. This is especially useful in distributed systems, making large and confusing cable bundles a thing of the past, while bringing valuable installation flexibility.
  • Data acquisition hardware LAN-XI in a bag

    Truly portable

    One single module and a laptop make a very compact measurement system of up to 12 channels. A special battery module can allow 7 hours of use in remote areas, and batteries can be swapped on the go if needed.

    When using a module frame, battery modules can be inserted just like normal modules, allowing remote measurements even with a larger system.
  • Space shuttle launch

    Quality measurements the first time

    Our unique technology avoids overloads and level-setting runs. It is called Dyn-X, and it gives a market-leading, 160 dB dynamic range that means LAN-XI is always ready to capture your measurements.  

    Overload and cable-break detection mechanisms ensure there is little risk of ever needing to re-take measurements, while user-friendly features minimise human errors.

    >Dyn-X technology explained 
  • Data acquisition hardware LAN-XI - Intelligent user-feedback

    Know immediately if you have the correct data

    Instant feedback comes from both an LCD screen and LED rings around each input channel, which clearly display overloads, overload history and cable breaks. The LCD screen shows module configuration information, so you can be sure of the status of the whole system.
  • Data acquisition hardware LAN-XI Interchangable front panels

    Pay less up front with a flexible system

    Enlarge your system at a later date by simply purchasing more modules - if you find you need new functions. You can also keep using your existing transducers, cables and connectors by choosing front panels that fit them. These swappable front panels also mean fewer modules are needed.
  • Data acquisition hardware LAN-XI Notar on motorcycle

    Leave the PC behind

    Turn any module into a stand-alone recorder using our Notar software, and you are ready to measure in places where a PC cannot go. A solid-state memory card and a battery module allow nearly four hours of recording.

    >More about Notar 
  • LAN-XI data acquisition hardware

    Invest in long-term development

    LAN-XI’s backward compatibility ensures its benefits can be enjoyed by our thousands of existing customers using Brüel & Kjær hardware, PULSE software, and I-deas.
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