2 Channel Option for Type 2270 - BZ-7229

Adds an extra measurement channel to Hand-held analyzer Type 2270 for these software modules: Sound Level Meter BZ-7222, Frequency Analysis BZ-7223, Logging BZ-7224, Enhanced Logging BZ-7225 and Building Acoustics Software BZ-7228. This two-channel option is also compatible with Signal Recording Option BZ-7226 and Low Frequency Option BZ-7234.

The two channels can have inputs from the same type of transducer (e.g. two microphones) or different transducers (e.g. one microphone and one accelerometer).


  • Environmental noise measurements with 2 channels
  • Environmental vibration measurements with 2 channels
  • Simultaneous and synchronous measurement of acoustic and vibration signals
  • Building acoustics measurements with 2 channels (where BZ-7228 is installed)
  • Signal recording with 2 channels


  • Independent setup options for each channel
  • Transducer-dependent setup options
  • Full suite of 2-channel templates
  • Simultaneous display of 2-channel broadband results
  • Simultaneous display of 2-channel spectral results for any combination of transducers, even with different units
  • View all 2-channel projects in Measurement Partner Suite
  • 2 channel option for Type 2270

    Save time on your measurement jobs

    With 2 channels you can halve your measurement time in many cases, by measuring twice as many positions in the same time - without the expense of an additional handheld analyzer.
  • Compare sound and vibration signals

    All noise problems start with vibration. Perform a simultaneous analysis of noise and vibration to trouble-shoot the root cause of your noise.
  • Two channels give more than the sum of their parts

    Having two channels enables you to make measurements that are otherwise impossible with a single (one-channel) instrument.

    An example is measuring the sound insulation of building facades, using traffic noise as the sound source (requires Building Acoustics Software BZ-7228).

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