PULSE 18 - Productivity in automotive NVH development and aerospace, defence and space testing

In version 18 of PULSE, the focus is on productivity. Productivity and efficiency, without jeopardising the quality of the results, are of utmost importance, irrespective of whether you need a small, flexible system for NVH development, you require an effective path to decisions about component and vehicle design, or you conduct testing on large aerospace structures where you only have one chance to get mission critical results.

In addition to this, the latest version of PULSE contains a host of improvements and additions to the existing portfolio of hardware and software.  

Productivity in NVH development

PULSE 18 Automotive NVH      Reduce testing time and optimise time-to-market

An efficient NVH development process is key to having a competitive advantage. In PULSE 18, the focus is on optimising NVH development and product verification processes for efficiency, in a range of different test scenarios ranging from general NVH in small development teams, to interior NVH and exterior noise and vehicle simulation, to powertrain engineering.

> Productivity in NVH development

Efficiency in multi-channel test scenarios

PULSE 18 Multi-chanel test scenarios for aerospace, defence and space      Maximise uptime in multi-channel, high-cost test facilities

When testing large structures, like submarines, satellites or aircraft, it is critical to get the right data the first time. The cost of repetitive testing can be prohibitive, as can the logistics around setting up the test. In PULSE 18, the focus is on ensuring test data integrity through dynamic fault handling and efficient management of large amounts of data, to maximise test schedules and optimise the path to project completion. 

> Multi-channel test scenarios

Hardware and software news

PULSE Access - low channel count for NVH development      PULSE Access is our new stand-alone, easy-to-use system for general analysis on up to 6 channels. It includes all you need for simple sound and vibration testing.

LAN-XI is a mature and flexible hardware platform, and the products released with PULSE 18 underpin its flexibility.

On the software side the array acoustics suite has been refined to include moving source beamforming for road, rail, and wind, and in PULSE LabShop and PULSE Reflex you will see significant additions.

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