Vibration transducers

Precision vibration measurement equipment

Brüel & Kjær offers a wide range of vibration transducers including accelerometers, force transducers, impedance heads, impact hammers, tachometer probes, vibration calibrators, cables and accessories.

Although our rugged vibration measuring instruments serve a wide variety of industries and purposes, they all deliver:

  • Stability – Stable and precise measurements for unrivalled performance
  • Quality/Durability – Meticulous testing for peace of mind and long-term return on your investment
  • Flexibility – A wide range of products and services to suit your individual needs

For additional information on our wide range of vibration transducers and other vibration measurement equipment, click on a link below.

US customers: Visit the Brüel & Kjær Online Store to purchase some of our most popular transducers online. Our store will expand globally in the future.

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Handbook: Piezoelectric Accelerometers and Vibration Preamplifiers pdf

We help our customers measure and manage the quality of sound and vibration in their products and in the environment

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