4527 - Triax accelerometer, high temp,10 mV/g, side conn, hermetic, M3 tapped hole, excl. cable

Designed to operate continuously at 180°C (356°F) to meet the toughest environmental requirements, the wide 0.3Hz to 10 kHz frequency range and low weight of Triaxial CCLD Accelerometer Types 4527 and 4527-001 make them equally suitable for use as general purpose accelerometers.

When only a single- or dual-axis measurement is needed, these accelerometers only use the axes that you want - greatly simplifying your analysis.


  • Powertrain, engine and exhaust
  • Environmental stress screening
  • Gas turbine auxiliary equipment
  • Multi-purpose measurements
  • Modal and on-road testing
  • Triaxial measurements in confined spaces


  • Continuous operation at 180°C for measurements in most engine locations
  • Single or dual-axis measurements to save channels
  • Wide 0.3Hz to 10 kHz frequency range on all three axes
  • Low noise for structural testing
  • Capability for clip mounting with an adaptor speeds test setup
  • Continuous operation at 180 °C

    Getting closer to hot measurement points gives better data, and the built-in high temperature pre-amplifier lets you do just that – without the need for a charge amplifier or charge-type transducers.

    A high-temperature extension cable safely copes with temperatures up to 250°C with no distortion.
  • Save channels by selecting 1-, 2- or 3-axis measurements

    This is a triaxial accelerometer that lets you limit your measurements to single- or dual-axis ones, to avoid unnecessary data confusion and liberate your data acquisition channels – giving you more measurement points.
  • Accelerometer Type 4527

    Practical mounting on anything

    Small enough to fit almost anywhere, they can also be quickly mounted using an M3 stud to achieve the highest frequency response, or with an adhesive pad to extend the life of the transducer.

    A direct adhesive ensures fast measurements while a clip mounting using an adaptor ensures easy positioning.
  • Get it right first time

    The wide dynamic, frequency, and temperature ranges allow you to step confidently into new measurements when you aren't exactly sure what to measure.

    The accelerometer is less sensitive to electro-magnetic interference due to low output impedance. It also features a very low noise floor. What’s more, each accelerometer is pre-aged and tested at 180 degrees for 48 hours - so you don’t have to worry about anything except making your measurements.

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