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Noise Sentinel – On Demand is a short-term noise monitoring and environmental management system that can make your business more agile, optimize your cost base, reduce financial risk and increase business opportunities. We remove the complexity around outdoor noise monitoring to improve your efficiency and productivity.

The versatile service allows you to lease all required equipment or use your own compatible Brüel & Kjær sound level meter. (Using your own equipment)

  • Optimize your cost base: Lease the most up-to-date instrumentation – without worrying about upgrades, calibration or depreciation.
  • Reduce financial risk: When leasing equipment from us, there are zero up-front costs. Using your own equipment further reduces financial risk.
  • Increase business opportunity: With optimised costs, reduced financial risk and increased agility, you can take on more monitoring projects and monitor more locations for longer – delivering better results for your clients.
  • Protect all your data: Everything is hosted securely in your own reserved cloud space. You can upload additional files such as summary reports and supplementary information for combined storage and future access. 
  • Deliver your clients peace of mind: Whether you’re monitoring compliance or providing background measurements for planning applications, you can show clients what’s happening onsite and that you have their issues under control.

While monitoring, you can view noise and weather data in real time, receive immediate alerts should levels approach compliance limits and capture all noise data in high resolution for post processing and reporting. After monitoring is complete, you simply return any leased equipment. We continue to look after your data securely and safely in the cloud for as long as you like – making it easy to find, share and access.

Noise Sentinel - On Demand overview screen

Service may vary from country to country. Register for Noise Sentinel - On Demand. Learn about the five-step registration process here. For your longer-term environmental monitoring needs, learn about Noise Sentinel. For information on our other short-term noise monitoring and post processing solutions, visit Measurement Partner.  Questions can be emailed to

We help our customers measure and manage the quality of sound and vibration in their products and in the environment

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